Mark Callender :: [*VIDEO*]
Humanities at Langside College
BEd (Hons) 1st Class - University of Glasgow
Now employed as a Primary School Teacher
Mark completed the Access to Humanities programme at Langside College (now known as Glasgow Clyde College - Langside campus).  He progressed to the University of Glasgow where he achieved a 1st-Class degree in Primary Education. He is now a fully registered teacher.  He says: 

"It has taken me six years to get here but it's the best thing I've ever done. And if anybody was asking me if they should do it, I would tell them just to go for it. It can change you as a person for the better -- in terms of your career, but also in terms of your education and your outlook on life." 
Mark's full case study can be viewed online. It is in two parts. Click the images links below to watch: 

Part 1:


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Part 2:


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