- PHE25 - What happens next? (Download Word doc)

What happens after you leave college? 

Your college will send your completed SWAP student profile to the SWAPWest office by late June.

After carefully checking that all profiles from your class have been received, we will then forward a copy of your profile to your Firm and Insurance choices of university (usually by late July).

Depending upon your profile grades (and provided you have met the conditions of the offers you received from the universities), you will then hear from either your first or second choice of university directly, confirming your place. This is likely to happen some time between late-July and mid-August.

Keep these time frames in mind and don't worry if your offer isn't immediately updated in UCAS. It can take some time for all of the administrative work to be completed and for your updated status to be displayed.

If (for whatever reason) you are not accepted by either your Firm or Insurance choice, you will have the option of going into
Clearing to find a university place, so all is not necessarily lost if you don't get into your first or second choice of university course. 

The What Happens Next? 
document further explains the basic progression of your application and SWAP student profile from June-September.  


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