- Offers
You may now be receiving offers from some of the universities to which you applied in January. If you have carefully and thoroughly researched your chosen course and universities and you feel ready to make your decision, you need to log into UCAS and confirm your first choice (Firm) and your second choice (Insurance). Consider these points: 

If you do meet the conditions required for entry to your Firm choice, then you will go to that university.

If you don't meet the conditions of your Firm choice, but you do meet the conditions for your Insurance choice, you will go to your Insurance choice instead.

Therefore it is important to ensure that your Insurance choice:

(a) has lower entry requirements than your Firm choice, in case you don't make the grades you're expecting to make
     ~~~ and ~~~
(b) is a course/university that you will be happy to accept.  
Think carefully about the academic side of things but also keep in mind practical considerations: How far away is the campus from your home? Can you easily make the commute every day? If you need childcare, is it offered? All of these practical considerations are just as important to your decision, so think carefully before making your choices.

- Preparation for Higher Education (Prep for HE) 
As you begin the final push towards the end of the academic year, it's important to ensure that you're caught up on your Prep for HE work.

- University Bursaries 
Some universities offer bursaries and scholarships specifically for mature students. These tend to get taken quite quickly, and some of them have early application deadlines.  Look at your chosen university's "Registry" or "Scholarship" pages or contact the Student Association for information.

For example, the University of Glasgow offers
Talent Scholarships for qualifying students. Regrettably, we often hear from students who would have qualified for such support if they had applied for it; however, they missed out on it because they opted not to apply, usually because they thought they probably would not make the required grades. Don't let that happen to you! You will always miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so go ahead and apply to give yourself a chance at some extra money. Your results may surprise you! And if you don't quite make it, there's no harm in trying. 
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