About SWAP West

The SWAPWest office, which is based in Glasgow, works in partnership with colleges and universities throughout the West of Scotland. We give independent advice to adults about opportunities to access higher education.

If you believe you have the potential to succeed at university, but you missed out the first time round, for whatever reason, our friendly staff can give you impartial advice on how to access higher education. To see a list of the programmes offered by the SWAPWest partnerships, visit the Programmes page.
Is this really for me?
If you didn't go to college or university straight from school (and perhaps no one in your family has ever gone to university), the prospect of applying may be daunting. Maybe you went straight into a job or started raising a family when you left school. Maybe you think you're too old, it's "too late", or the coursework will be too difficult.  

What you may not realise is that you have already built up a wide range of skills from previous jobs or from bringing up a family, and these may be the exact skills that universities (and employers) are looking for; for example, being able to communicate well with others, work in teams, and solve problems. 

A Scottish Wider Access Programme further develops these skills and prepares you to do the academic work required to succeed in higher education.
I'm probably too old.
You are never too old! Perhaps you're thinking, "By the time I finish all this studying, I will be 35 (or 45, 55 or 65) years old." Just keep in mind that (all going well) you're going to reach that age, regardless. The question is: Do you want to reach that age with a new qualification -- or without one?

You won't be the only one in your class who has a bit of life experience. These programmes are designed specifically for adults, so you'll be in a classroom with others of similar age that you can relate to.

I haven't studied in years.
Even if you have been at work (or out of work) for years, or you lack formal qualifications, you can still get into Higher Education. You can attend a SWAP programme running in your local college for one academic year and get back up to speed with your study skills. Successful completion of the Programme can lead you on to a wide range of university and college opportunities and, by the time you've finished your SWAP year, you'll be ready for them.
Nearly 40,000+ have done it!
Since the first pilot of SWAP in 1987 nearly 40,000 adults have taken the SWAP route to return to study. Dedicated staff are available at colleges to give guidance and support on your progress, and to give advice on taking the next step to higher education. If you'd like to hear from some of our former students, take a look at some student stories.
SWAP programmes have helped many adults realise their potential and given them the confidence to succeed in college or university. If they can do it, so can you. 

The SWAPWest office is located in Glasgow. You can call us directly on 0141 564 7206.


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