Universities on UCAS and the Personal Statement 

Follow the links below to hear SWAPWest university partners offer advice on applying for a place via UCAS and making the most of your personal statement. 

University of Glasgow 
University of Stirling 

University of Strathclyde

 Prep for HE (November)


UCAS 2022-23 

The SWAPWest UCAs school buzzword is swapwest2023

To ensure that you apply to university correctly as a SWAP student, please watch the videos provided, download and view the Power Point presentation linked below, and then download the UCAS Application Guide (Word document) which will also be linked below, print it out and keep it nearby when you begin the process of registering for UCAS and completing your application. 

- Download the following documents.

You may wish to then print them out and keep them handy while you're working on your application. 

A comprehensive guide to help you successfully register as a SWAP student on UCAS, and then complete your application. Contains the SWAPWest buzzword and other important information.
A guide for SWAP students on writing a personal statement. 

Do your research and think carefully about your UCAS choices to ensure you have good potential progression from SWAP into university. Download the guidance and worksheet from the link above. 


- Want to study Psychology? Be aware!

UCAS Course Codes:

Please bear in mind that some subjects (e.g. psychology) are offered across a number of different "schools" or "colleges" or "faculties" within a university, and it is your responsibility to identify the correct code for the course to which you wish to progress from your programme. 


If you are studying on an Access to Humanities/Social Science programme, then you may only apply for courses within the Arts or Social Sciences.

If you are studying on an Access to Science/STEM, then you may only apply for courses within the Sciences.

If you input the wrong code on UCAS, you will receive a rejection from the university, and there is nothing anyone can do to correct your mistake at that point.

Read the above guides carefully, particpate in the PHE UCAS session, and 
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to avoid making a mistake that may have long-reaching consequences for your future plans in education.

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