Jabeen Muhammad
Humanities at Cardonald College * Graduated from the University of Glasgow (2018) with a degree in History
Jabeen is studying part-time for a history degree at the University of Glasgow.  She is married and has two adult daughters and a teenage son.   

Jabeen completed the SWAP Access to Humanities programme at Cardonald College where she studied communications, maths, IT and a range of other subjects including sociology, psychology and history. 
  She says: “I had been thinking about returning to education for years but I was apprehensive of taking that step.” 

Medically retired since 1989, she had lost confidence in herself and her abilities. However, when her son was diagnosed with dyslexia, her desire to help him led her enrol at college in order to improve her literacy for his sake.

Of her SWAP course, she says: “There is so much help out there.  The college lecturers were really helpful.  Staff have been marvellous and the students were friendly and encouraging.” 

At times she found it difficult to juggle the responsibilities of home and college life but her family were supportive and she chose a part-time study option to make things a bit easier.
Now at university, Jabeen feels more confident and she is very glad that she made the decision to return to education.  “It makes me feel clever.  I feel I’ve achieved something. And I would like to encourage and help
 others to see going to university is not that daunting at any age."


Photo: Jabeen and colleagues representing the
University of Glasgow's Disability Service at Freshers' Week 2013.

Update 2018

Jabeen has graduated from the University of Glasgow. Click below to watch a brief video interview with Jabeen on the big day.


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