GKC - Springburn
Access to Nursing 2012-13
In September 2013, students from North Glasgow College (now known as Glasgow Kelvin College - Springburn Campus) commenced their university studies in their chosen branch of nursing, including Adult, Child and Mental Health. 

The photograph featured below was taken (and the comments below were written) after the class passed their last assessment in June 2013.


Student comments  

‘SWAP made me realise the potential I never realised I had.  I wish I had heard about SWAP ten years ago.  Now onto the big school!’

‘I found the SWAP nursing programme excellent and have really enjoyed it.  The subjects have been very interesting and I feel ready for starting my nursing degree.  This would not have been possible without this course.  I loved every minute and will miss the tutors at North Glasgow.’

‘SWAP was a fantastic course; it was a great year for meeting some great people.  The lecturers have done everything they can to help.  I am very prepared for university thanks to all the subjects, studying and preparation for exams.’

‘SWAP gave me the opportunity to pursue my goal and dreams of furthering my education at university to become a child nurse.’ 

‘I found SWAP really beneficial and it helped me back into education.  Help was always at hand.  The staff were very supportive and the content of the course was very good’.

‘The SWAP programme gave me an insight into what university will be like and I feel well prepared for it.  This course has shown me that if you work hard, then your dreams do come true.’

‘When I first started SWAP, I thought that I might not be able to complete it.  However, I put my mind to it and with some dedication and the help of the lecturers I did it!  It has been the best experience of my life!’

‘It was overwhelming at first and a huge learning curve, but a great experience overall.  SWAP has given me opportunities that I never thought I would have.’

‘Thanks to SWAP, I am heading off to GCU.  The skills and knowledge I have learned will stay with me forever.  SWAP prepares you well for university.’

‘SWAP will undoubtedly give you a fantastic opportunity to progress to university, but you will need to work hard.  You get out what you put in!’

‘Doing this course has been an amazing experience; the fastest year of my life and the best year ever.’

‘This course has been a fantastic learning curve and I can hardly believe the difference this year has made to my life.  Thanks for all the advice and support’.
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