GKC City - Chem/Bio/Diet
2014-15 Access to Chemistry, Biology & Dietetics
“Initially I felt like a fish out of water and could easily have quit the course in the first few weeks. But the year has flown by and it has been a really rewarding experience.”  - Alison, 43, Human Nutrition & Dietetics at GCU.  
“I think the SWAP programme has helped me achieve my goal of getting a place at my top choice of Glasgow University, something I really didn’t think I would be able to achieve at the start of the year. The course has lived up to all my expectations.” – Jade, 27, Neuroscience at the University of Glasgow.  

“If it wasn’t for SWAP I would never have been able to pursue this goal. The SWAP staff I’ve had dealings with are a credit to the programme. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough.” – Chris, 37, HNC Applied Science at GKC  


“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole SWAP experience. We have been well looked after by our lecturers who have given us a lot of help, encouragement and fantastic tips. They have helped my confidence levels go up.” – Fiona, 41, Biochemistry at University of Glasgow  

“I have met the most incredible group of people. We all have different aspirations and strengths, and we help each other to be better students. The support has been great – from my fellow students and from SWAP.” – Kim, 29, Human Nutrition & Dietetics at GCU

“More challenging than I could have imagined, but great to be around like-minded adults who have all bonded over homework and studying habits. Very hard work, but rewarding!” – Jenny, 30, Human Nutrition & Dietetics at GCU


Positive Points about the SWAP programme:
Without SWAP most of us would never get to university. You get lots of guidance and extra advice for dealing with UCAS, personal statements, uni choices, etc..”

“You learn exactly what you need. The core classes are great preparation for university courses.”  

“The number of units is appropriate and there was a gradual build-up to level 6.”

“It’s a very positive programme. SWAP staff are very positive, helpful and friendly. They go out of their way to help and encourage you.”

“Social aspects of the programme are great. We’re all mature students. Everyone wants to be here.”

“SWAP organised study days as trips to potential universities, which were very valuable opportunities.”  

“You’re given lots of support, but it also teaches you to trust yourself and overcome personal barriers.”


Best Aspects of Learning and Teaching 

“Lecturers started off with strict but fair guidelines on work, reports, etc. Actually holding us to a higher standard (with extra guidance) made life so much easier later on in the course.”  

"The SWAP Preparation for Higher Education unit provided extra learning techniques, such as note-taking and planning. The organised Study Skills Days were very helpful.”

“We got constructive criticism and more feedback so that our standard of work was very high from the start.”  

“Lots of self-study so you learn to focus by yourself at home and manage your study time.”  

“Lecturers were dedicated to teaching the course. They were flexible when it came to exams. Contactable. They knew our names. They gave more information than was strictly required and gave us timely feedback on reports/exams.”


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