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Nursing 2013-14
We are SWAP:

“I have a personal background in caring for my disabled father since I was young and believed somewhere in my heart that I could help people and try to make the world a better place, even on a local level.  I entered the NHS as a domestic assistant and eventually became a catering assistant, porter and auxiliary nurse.  I knew the next step was to start training to be a nurse.    The SWAP course was the logical choice!  I enrolled on SWAP to gain entry to UWS and gain a good foundation for studying nursing at university. 

"The SWAP programme has been excellent, hard work, but extremely rewarding.  I have flourished and grown so much. 
  My goal is to become an excellent nurse, asset to the health board and a credit to the community and advocate patient rights and safety, whilst doing my utmost to provide excellent care and improving the lives of others.  I would potentially like to move on to charge nursing or nurse manager/director to be able to influence positive changes and policies for patients”. - Graeme

“I’m a mum of four and before SWAP I worked as a learning support assistant in a primary school.  My youngest started nursery and I knew now was the time to focus on my future, to make life better for my children and me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the programme.  It has been tough at times, but I have learned so much and made good friends.” - Sheila 

“My name is Emily and I am 23 years old.  I have always been interested in nursing!  Since school, I worked in retail and gained much experience in people interaction.  Last year, I needed a change and wanted to study nursing.  I never thought I could study nursing since I left school with no Highers.  When I saw this course, I went for it!    The SWAP year has been fab for building confidence and look into different aspects of nursing and theory.  I look forward to becoming a qualified nurse and working in the city or forces." - Emily 

“Hi, I’m Toni and before I came to college, I worked in Tesco.  I have a daughter who started p1 the same time as I started college.  I always said I would go to college when my daughter started school.  When I saw the SWAP programme, I thought I would give it a try.   Even though I enrolled on the course by chance, it has made me realise that I want to be a nurse or social worker.  I will be doing an HNC in social care next year before I decide what to do.   My SWAP experience has been great; I have met some amazing people who have been there for me.  I found the course challenging, but always received the support I needed from staff.  It has been the best decision of my life!” - Toni

“My name is Kath and I am a mature student at 40 years young.  I have a large family and before SWAP, I worked in a school as a learning support assistant.  This year, my youngest child went to secondary and I decided it was time to follow my dreams of becoming a nurse.  Time for me again.  
"I loved the SWAP course!  My experience has been challenging, but also rewarding.   I have made strong friendships and bonds, and look forward to the future.  I look forward to successfully studying for a degree in nursing and having a nursing career in the future.  Consider it; it is hard work, but well worth it.” - Kath

“I was a shop manager for 12 years, in retail for 20 years and a financial/mortgage adviser for 5 years.  I was then made redundant and wanted to make a big change in my life.  I was always interested in mental health nursing and enrolled on the SWAP course.   SWAP has been a very good introduction into getting back to education.  We have had very supportive lecturers and a good group of learners, who worked well as a team and helped each other out.   I passed the course and now I am off to university to study mental health nursing at UWS, Dumfries campus.  I look forward to becoming a mental health nurse and working in the community or hospital.  SWAP is an excellent foundation for university and the future." - Christopher

“I have two kids under ten and I have been working in home care for 5 years.  I returned to study to give more to people and further my career.  SWAP was very informative; there was a lot to learn!  I had great tutors and very supportive classmates.  My future plans are to complete my degree and become a nurse.”  - Jade

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