IO6 - FETI Add: Pack for Practitioners responding to the Ukraine Conflict

The FETI team (Oslo Adult Education Servicecentre, SWAPWest. ENGIM and Istanbul University) felt that the dramatic increase in refugees from Ukraine would present a challenge to practitioners in this sector. Many of those arriving in new host countries will have similar challenges with language skills, and most will naturally have little understanding of how their new countries function both socially and economically. These factors may make them feel socially excluded from their new host country.

The FETI-Add pack had been designed to help practitioners in their role following the crisis of refugees arriving in large numbers from Ukraine. The team at the FETI Project have chosen to develop a support pack for practitioners who are working with this vulnerable group and who may be feeling overwhelmed by the size of the task. We are using our experience with this project to guide you through some steps as you take on this challenge.

FETI-Add will go a little way towards supporting individuals and agencies who are working with this new group of migrants. It may also be used in conjunction with the short course for practitioners ‘Empowering Migrants – A Framework for Practitioners’ and other FETI resources, as well as a supplement to the Workshop for Ukraine
The materials and exercises provided within this package and the FETI Project are offered freely for use by anyone who is interested in the issue of refugee and asylum seeker inclusion.

FETI IO6 .pdf

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