If you are progressing to an HN or degree course, keep an eye on the SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland) web site, as applications for financial support in the coming academic year will soon be open.  Apply for your fees and/or student loan as soon as possible but certainly no later than June 30th. 

For more information and help with money matters, complete the Prep for HE section on Managing Your Finances. 

- Prep for HE

PHE19 - Managing Your Finances
(download Word doc)
You have nearly made it to the end of the year and you've survived on a college bursary, a part-time job and/or support from other sources. How will you cope at university? What sort of financial help is available? This guide will help you get started. 

PHE20 - Study Diary (April) 
Complete this study diary online or download a paper copy here.

PHE21 - Feedback, Evaluation and Exams (download Word doc) 
As you near the end of your programme, you will have had plenty of feedback from your college tutors across all of your subjects. Perhaps you were given a second chance to pass an assessment, or informal feedback on your work before you handed it in to be marked. Will it be the same next year? 

Everything goes up a step when you move on to HN or degree-level study, including the weight of marked work such as essays, reports and exams. Use this guide to learn more about what to expect at university and how best to use the feedback you receive

PHE22 - Taking Stock - Part 3 
This is the last of the Preparation for Higher Education "Taking Stock" exercises. It is designed to help you check your understanding of Higher Education terms and concepts, as well as to ensure that you know how to handle some of the typical challenges of first year at university.  It's a good opportunity to ensure that you know what you need to know to make a smooth transition to university next September. Options: 

-  PHE22 - Taking Stock - Part 3 (complete online) 

 - PHE22 - Taking Stock - Part 3  (download Word doc) 

- Spring Holiday 
Time for a break!

Most colleges will close for two weeks during the Spring term. Exact dates vary but the break usually falls somewhere around Easter time or shortly beforehand. Check with your college to find out when you're off. 

- Consider Becoming a Mentor 
You still have several weeks left of your college programme but it won't be long before you will be in a position to help and encourage others who are just a step behind you on the path to Higher Education.

SWAP student mentors are former SWAP students now studying on HNC/D or degree programmes (or are graduates) who are interested in helping others. Mentors aren't required to have all the answers; sometimes just a listening ear and a bit of gentle guidance towards sources of support is enough to get someone through a rough patch. As a mentor, you will receive training and support from the SWAPWest staff. 
If you would like to enquire about becoming a SWAP student mentor, please get in touch with the SWAPWest office on 0141 564 7206 or email us for more information. 

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