SWAP Preparation for Higher Education (a.k.a. Prep for HE or PHE)

 <01___cover.jpg> Completion of the Preparation for Higher Education materials is a requirement of the programme and a condition for your progression to further study. 

Your college tutor will keep you right in terms of when you should work through each exercise, but you can also 
use the chronological list on the left to make sure you are completing each exercise in good time. 

Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring that you have completed this unit.

Some Prep for HE exercises may be completed online (where indicated). Others may be downloaded and completed electronically (or printed out and completed by hand). We monitor students' progress in Prep for HE through monthly random spot-checks of completed exercises.


You may find a checklist useful for keeping track of your Prep for HE progress. A copy of the checklist can be found in your Welcome Pack, which you received at induction, or you can download the relevant checklist from one of the links below: 

Prep for HE Checklist - Humanities
Prep for HE Checklist - Nursing 
Prep for HE Checklist - Science, Medicine, Health

Use the Prep for HE Timeline

Follow the links on the left side of this page to find the basic Prep for HE exercises (25 in total) that should be completed between September and June. 

These exercises are arranged in suggested chronological order; however, you may complete them in any sequence you wish, or as directed by your class tutor.

Your class tutor may also replace any element of Prep for HE with suitable alternatives. In any case, you must retain evidence of completion of all Prep for HE work in order for your final SWAP student profile to be completed. 

Some of the exercises may be completed online OR you may download them and complete them offline. You do not need to do both.  

If you prefer, you may download the entire unit all at once:

2018 Prep for HE (ZIP file)


For convenience, all downloadable Prep for HE documents can be found here: 

PHE001 How to complete the Prep for HE unit
PHE01 Taking Stock – Part 1
PHE02 Study Diary (Sep)
PHE03 How do you study?
PHE04 Study Diary (Oct)
PHE05 Critical Thinking
PHE06 Academic Referencing
PHE07 Taking Stock – Part 2
PHE08a UCAS Application Guide
PHE08b Personal Statement
PHE08c Personal Statement Guidance Notes
PHE08d UCAS Flow Chart
PHE09 Study Diary (Nov)
PHE10 Interview Skills
PHE11 Listening Skills
PHE12 Academic Reading
PHE13 Miscellaneous Prep for HE (Autumn)
PHE14 Memorisation Techniques
PHE15a Academic Writing
PHE15b Scientific Report Writing
PHE16 Study Diary (Jan)
PHE17 Presentation Skills
PHE18 Miscellaneous Prep for HE (Winter)
PHE19 Managing Finances
PHE20 Study Diary (Apr)
PHE21 Feedback, Evaluations and Exams
PHE22 Taking Stock – Part 3
PHE23 Study Diary (May)
PHE24 Miscellaneous Prep for HE (Spring)
PHE25 What Happens Next?

Any questions about Prep for HE should be directed to your college guidance tutor or to SWAPWest on 0141 564 7206. 

How to Complete Prep for HE
(download document)


Former SWAP students giving some advice on doing Prep for HE: 

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