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The University of Strathclyde will be hosting their annual ‘Insight into University’ event in November.

This event is open to mature students who are thinking of applying to the University of Strathclyde for 2020 entry. The event will allow students to find out more about Strathclyde’s courses and support services as well as an optional programme to attend lectures and visit support services. 

If you wish to attend, you should register, using the link below:


If you have any questions regarding the event, contact Debbie Duncan at the University of Strathclyde on: 



PHE04 - Study Diary (early Oct) 
To get the most out of your year in college, you should cultivate the practice of reflection, which can be done regularly throughout the year by keeping up with your Study Diary entries. 

Options for completion: 


NB: You may also wish to submit a general study diary entry to reflect on for other preparation you may be undertaking for university (e.g. if you're on placement in a primary school or care setting; if you're visiting universities just now and gathering information, etc.) 

PHE05 - Critical Thinking Skills (download Word doc) 

What's wrong with Irn-Bru? What happened to poor Laika the Soviet space dog? How many uses can you think of for a common paper clip? Complete the Study Skills: Critical Thinking workbook to learn more about this essential skill for success in higher education. 

PHE06 - Academic Referencing (download Word doc)

Former SWAP students always tell us that the one thing they wish they had spent more time learning about before moving on to university is academic referencing. See below for some of the responses to our post-SWAP survey from recent years: 






Heed the advice of your SWAP predecessors: 

Although you may not be required to provide academic references for all of your written work at college, you should follow the advice of those who have gone before you and do as much as you can to prepare yourself for university-level written assignments.

You can do that by completing these Prep for HE referencing exercises first of all, and also by providing academic references for any written work you may be asked to submit for college, even if it's not strictly required. Check with your college's learning support team for additional information and help with referencing, too.

PHE07 - Taking Stock: Part 2 (October)

Your guidance tutor will soon be prompting you to begin thinking about applying to university. The deadline for applications isn't until January, but your application will need to be ready to go by mid-December. Now is the time to start thinking through your options. This 'Taking Stock' workbook will help you do that. Options: 


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Access to Medical Studies only: 
If you plan to apply for Medicine, Vet Medicine or Dentistry, you must meet the deadline for applications via UCAS, which is October 15th. Failure to meet the deadline means that the university to which you have applied is not required to consider your application at all.  Your tutor will give you guidance and you can get information from the UCAS web site.

Be sure to complete the Prep for HE sections below by early October: 


Medical Studies - UCAS Application Guide

Medical Studies - Personal Statement Guide

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