- Offers from Universities

Provided you submitted your UCAS application by the Jan 15th deadline, the universities will now be considering your application (along with thousands of others), and making their decisions. (Refer to the UCAS Flow Chart
 for more information). Be patient - dealing with such a high volume of applications is not a quick and easy task. 

You will hear from the universities in due course, usually with a "conditional offer" -- in other words, an offer of a place that is conditional upon your completing all of your SWAP units, receiving a favourable student profile and meeting the conditions in terms of entry grades required (e.g. ABB, BBB). You can also track the progress of your application by logging in to UCAS again and using their "Track" feature.

In the meantime, it's better for you to focus on your college work. You must pass all of your units in order to progress, so give your full attention to your coursework -- and put the university application out of your mind for now. 

- Preparation for Higher Education (Prep for HE)

PHE17 - Presentation Skills

This is a useful section of Prep for HE for anyone who hopes to do well at university. Depending upon your career path, you may be called upon to speak in meetings, deliver information to clients, customers, patients, students -- or to make presentations to work colleagues.  

In any case, you almost certainly will be required to give short presentations to your classmates in university, so it's worthwhile learning a few tips and techniques and practicing your skills at college first. Many of the new Curriculum for Excellence units allow you to choose the format of your assessments; if this is offered to you, consider making the choice to do a presentation in order to hone this important skill.

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