To all SWAP students:  

Scottish Government is reviewing adult learning, and we need more adult returners from SWAP to take part. We want to ensure that your experiences are reflected accurately, and the Government is aware of your needs. While the work at present is focused more on community-based learning, we think this will impact on access programmes in future.  


The Government has given the following narrative, which is very much based on a ‘deficit’ model:  

"The survey is designed to capture the views of all adult learners, but we are especially interested in hearing from those who have faced barriers whilst trying to access and progress through learning. We are also very interested in hearing from adults who are uncertain about their learning journey. "  

We would be really keen to ensure that they also hear from students who are certain about their journeys and who are overcoming barriers!  

The Government will use information from this survey to determine their future strategic priorities where adult learning is concerned, so please make your voice heard.  

The deadline for participation is now the 17th of January 2020. If you have a few minutes to spare, please complete the survey – and also pass the link along to your classmates and other adults you know who are (or were) engaged in education. 

- Welcome back! 

We hope you have had a fun and relaxing break from your studies over the winter holidays and you're ready to get back to work.  

- Preparation for Higher Education (Prep for HE)

PHE14 - Memorisation Techniques (download Word doc)
Rote memorisation isn't the best way to learn; in fact, it's hardly "learning" at all! That doesn't mean it isn't useful, however. If your academic work will require memorisation (lists of facts, dates, etc.) you may find this guide handy for developing useful techniques.

PHE15a - Academic Writing (download Word doc) 
What's the difference between ordinary writing and academic writing? Use this guide to find out.

PHE15b - Scientific Report Writing (download Word doc) 
Of primary interest to students on Access to Science / STEM / Health programmes. Optional for everyone else. 

PHE16 - Study Diary (January)

Complete this study diary online. 

- SWAP Study Skills Days @ universities

SWAPWest works in partnership with universities in the West of Scotland to provide you with opportunities to visit university campuses, to practice some university-level study skills (e.g. taking notes in a lecture, participating in a seminar/tutorial) and to meet former SWAP students who have since progressed to university and can tell you what it's actually like to make the transition.

We will send out an email to your college tutor when dates have been finalised for each university (normally some time in Feb-Mar-Apr) and you will be asked to 
register online for the Study Skills Days you plan to attend. You can also check back to this web site for information and updates nearer the time.

- Post-Application / Applicants' Visit Days @ universities

Some universities will offer post-application visiting opportunities in January, Feb or March. It is important to realise that these days are not aimed at SWAP students specifically or even at adults returning to education after a long absence; they are typically geared towards school-leavers and their parents. However, university populations are growing older and you may find that your chosen universities do offer events for applicants that may be of interest to you. Check their web sites for dates and information on attending.  

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