- Preparation for Higher Education (Prep for HE)

PHE23 - Study Diary (May)
This month will mark the last of your SWAP Study Diary
 entries but it ought not mark the last time you keep a reflective journal. 

Even if it's just a page scribbled in a notebook at the end of a busy week, keeping a study diary is a very good habit to develop. Thinking back on what you've learned, how you learned it, what worked for you (and what didn't) and making plans for improvement will ensure that you stay on top of your game throughout your time at college or university. 

After making your final Study Diary entry, take some time to read through all of your previous entries and appreciate how far you've come since last August. 

PHE24 - Miscellaneous Prep for HE (Spring) 

Use this generic form to record completion of any Prep for HE activities you may complete offline in the months of Apr-Jun. 

For example, you can use this form to record: 

* Offline activities, such as organising and conducting study groups with your classmates 

* Completion of Prep for HE exercises that are done "offline" (e.g. Feedback & Evaluation, Finances, etc.) 

* Attendance at university+SWAP Study Skills Days or other visiting opportunities

* Further reflections on your learning experience so far

* Anything else that you consider to form part of your preparation for higher education. 

PHE Supplement - Additional Stats (for Access to Medical Studies only) 

Download 'Stats for Medical Studies' here.

- Your final few weeks as a SWAP student 
You are now in the home stretch, winding down the last few weeks at college and getting ready to make the transition either to an HN course or a degree course. 

Regardless of your destination, you can be confident that your work on the SWAP programme has fully prepared you for the next level of study. 

Well done! 

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