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 <01___cover.jpg> These notes relate to the SWAP Preparation for Higher Education framework and are intended for the use of college lecturers who are responsible for providing guidance to SWAP students in the completion of this material. 

Higher Education Institutions view the SWAP Preparation for Higher Education as an integral part of the programme. It provides a formal structure for the student support which is so critical to the success of SWAP students and completion of Prep for HE is required for progression. 

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Delivery of Preparation for Higher Education is the responsibility of each college running a SWAPWest programme. In addition, because SWAP programmes are a partnership of college and universities, the role of Higher Education in the delivery of some aspects of Prep for HE is also important (e.g. Study Skills Days and information sessions).

However, most important of all is the central role of the student. Preparation for Higher Education is designed to help the student become an independent learner, an essential development required for students to be successful in Higher Education. While tutors should, of course, assist students where necessary, the strategy is to enable students to do most of this work themselves. This is facilitated by the inclusion of a timeline of student-related activities, including the relevant Prep for HE exercises that should be progressed each month, on our web site. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

"My college already has its own version of Prep for HE (or parts of it). Are we required to use the SWAP version?"

We are aware that colleges will have materials and resources that are already in use and that are successful.  Where there is duplication (e.g. interview skills), students should be advised to attend the college sessions and complete materials provided by the college. The SWAP Prep for HE materials may be used to enhance or add value to this work. but are not intended to replace existing methods and materials. 

"Where can I find the latest version of Prep for HE?" 

The most up-to-date version of the Prep for HE is available from the SWAPWest web site. You may opt to download all of these documents and upload them to your college's VLE (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard) or simply direct your students to the SWAPWest web site to download the documents themselves. 

"How can students show that Prep for HE has been completed?"

1. Paper 

Students may opt to download the documents, print them out, complete the exercises by hand and keep them in a binder which can be used at the end of the year to evidence completion. 

2. Electronic 
Many Prep for HE exercises may be done online, using the links provided in the timeline.

Alternatively, students may opt to download the Word documents, complete them electronically, save them and then email them to you or attach them to a relevant location (e.g. on Moodle).  

3. e-Portfolio
Students may opt to keep an online portfolio of their work, including completed Prep for HE exercises and a Study Diary (Journal) using Mahara e-portfolio software. For more information on how to facilitate the use of Mahara for Prep for HE, please contact the SWAPWest office on 0141 564 7206. 

There is no single 'right' way to complete Prep for HE. Provided all of the content is covered, any of the above methods would be acceptable, so feel free to choose the one that is most suitable for you and your students. 

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