Prep for HE Supplements

Depending upon your curriculum area (e.g. social science, STEM, nursing, medicine, etc.) you may have additional Prep for HE work to do that is specific to your area of study. You should complete these in addition to the core Prep for HE materials linked in the timeline on this page. 
Supplemental materials are linked below: 

PHE Supplement for Access to Nursing Students:
The documents linked below are for students on Access to Nursing programmes and are meant to be completed alongside your regular PHE 'Study Skills' work.

           Study Skills (Nursing) - Case Studies 

           Study Skills (Nursing) - Proofreading 

           Study Skills (Nursing) - Professional Language 

Study Skills (Nursing) - Report writing, referencing and plagiarism

If you are not studying on an Access to Nursing programme, you are not required to complete these exercises.
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