Getting started

How do you feel about being a student again? Excited? Nervous? A little bit of both? Whatever you're feeling, you are not alone. You're now part of a cohort of 1200+ students undertaking a SWAP programme this year. On completion, you will join the ranks of the 35,000+ who have gone on to higher education and new careers. 

In this module, we want you to consider your own mindset and expectations regarding your course and being a student again, as well as what you require in terms of support and how to access it. In addition, we want you to look at your current work-life-study balance, and think about how you can maintain a sense of wellbeing through the ups and downs of this year, and every academic year to come. 

You will find some suggested resources by exploring the links on the left. Engage with as much information as you can, choosing whatever you feel is interesting and useful, whenever you have time. 

Read, write, listen, watch, discuss -- how you engage with Prep for HE is up to you. If in doubt, try a little bit of everything, or seek guidance from your class tutor. You may also find relevant sources on your own, and your college tutor may have additional materials to offer, as well. The point is to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills, in whatever manner you and your tutor think best. 

When you feel ready to reflect on your learning in this module, you can complete a study diary entry

Evidence of your engagement with this module will be required before you can progress to university or HN study. Your completed study diary entries can be accessed and read by SWAP. You may also share them by email with your class tutor on request.
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