How to complete Prep for HE


For each of the Prep for HE modules, you should engage with some or all of the materials provided, and/or with information on each theme which may be supplied by your college/tutor. Indeed, you may use your own research skills to find additional relevant material for yourself! 

You can read texts, watch videos, listen to podcasts, discuss the issues with family, friends, classmates and/or your lecturers -- how you do the learning in Prep for HE is up to you. You can do the modules in any order that seems reasonable to you, but your class tutor will give you guidance, and you can always join the SWAP Student Network for further input from former students, too. 

The most important thing is to think about the issues raised, and to develop your knowledge and understanding, your practical skills, and your self-confidence in each area. 


When you feel ready, you should complete a study diary for the topic or theme you've engaged with. Each diary entry is a reflective exercise designed to help you think about the skills you have, how far you've come, and how you would like to develop those skills in the future. 
Your study diary provides evidence of your engagement with the Prep for HE module and the development of your knowledge and skills, which will be required before you can progress to university. 

Your completed diary entries can be accessed and read by SWAP, and you may also receive a copy by email, which you can share with your class tutor on request. 

By the way, you may make more than one diary entry per topic or theme, so feel free to return to any of the modules as your skills develop throughout the year and create an updated study diary entry to show your progress. 

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