Expectations and Concerns


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Richard and Neil (2019-20) discuss their expectations of returning to education and what learning would be like, as well as thoughts about their future classmates and the mix of people they would meet. 

Part 1: Learning Again 
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Part 2: Meeting Classmates 
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Andrea and Anthea (2019-20) discuss their return to education, expectations and biggest fears (audio-only version of the video clip below). 

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Access to Humanities students (Andrea H. and Anthea K., 2019-20) discuss their return to education, their expectations and biggest fears. 

 'Imposter Syndrome'


 <chat_icon_01.png> If you've read something interesting or listened to a podcast that made you think, grab some classmates and discuss what you've learned.

Your friends will bring unique personal experiences to bear, so it's worthwhile having a chat to think about the topic from different perspectives. 

Some suggestions to start you off: 

1. What did you expect the course to be like? How does reality compare with your expectations?

2. Do you think you have realistic expectations of yourself when it comes to academic work?  

If you've identified areas for future development within yourself, you may want to schedule a chat with your class tutor to discuss the way forward, or to get advice on how to develop your skills and understanding. 

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