Mercy Chege
Access to Nursing at Glasgow Clyde College (2017-18) 
Studying Child Nursing at GCU (2018-19+) 
'Leave the Couch'

After being away from education for over 10 years, I asked myself: is this all life has to offer? Taking up a couple of shifts in local care homes, babysitting my friend’s kids once a week, and catching up with my pals for coffee over the weekend – that is if I were not too sluggish to leave my snuggly couch, which at that point I had developed a close relationship with.

There had to be more than this in life, I pondered.

Then one Friday afternoon, I opened my laptop and looked up what requirements I needed to study paediatric nursing. To my surprise there were a million courses out there.

But I didn’t have all the required qualifications to join university?

I felt disappointed.

Then, scrolling further down, my eyes were filled with hope. And right there the magic happened. Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP Access to Nursing).

After applying for the course, I was invited for an interview in Langside campus and, for once, the future looked brighter.

The course has bridged the gap between my career and university. The tutors were very supportive, and the college in general made every effort to facilitate both my academic and holistic needs. I felt cared for.

I will be joining university in September to finally study my dream career.

SWAPWest, I am forever grateful!    

By: Mercy M. Chege
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