Guidance for SWAP tutors

We are undertaking further development of the Prep for HE unit. Documents and Prep for HE updates will appear in this section. As our tutors are at the heart of delivering Prep for HE, we want you to have a say on the new materials and what works best as they are rolled out.

The Prep for HE development guide provides an overview of Prep for HE. Our work is based on the European framework for personal, social and 'learning to learn' key competences. 

PHE development outline

Personal, social and learn to learn framework final report

SWAP tutor role
As the new Prep for HE is developed, we will be rolling out a series of modules, each containing one or more "lessons" within. We have put together a student devlopement and tutor plan, which provides an insight on the key competences being developed. It also makes suggestions on activity. Please add in your own reflection and innovations on enhancing Prep for HE further.

The lessons to December are now available.

Student development and tutor plan

A practical UCAS module will be sent over in due course, as well as a module on critical thinking. The study skills sessions will be added after January. We will ask you to consider these in a similar way.

Prior to each lesson being delivered you will have the opportunity to review. The link for review will be emailed out and your comments can be made online or emailed over. Your reflections are much appreciated.

The Prep for HE lessons are available here on the SWAPWest website. This links through to the SWAP Moodle. No password is required by a student and materials are accessible to be used by all students.

Students are responsible for maintaining their reflections on the use of PHE, and for sharing that with you. Amy has a short video on how that will work:

The following materials are now available online. We have also made them available as pdf, if a student cannot access online.

01: SWAP Induction
All students should complete 01: SWAP Induction. In the process, they will be asked to register with SWAP. By doing so, they provide evidence that they have completed this module.

In addition, students in the relevant curriculum groups should complete an induction supplement:

15: Induction supplement: primary education
16: Induction supplement: nursing

02: Introduction to Prep for HE
This module provides information about the unit and also gives each student an opportunity to complete their first reflective activity. The completed reflection is the evidence that students will require to share with you as their class tutor. You may ask them to email it to you (a copy is emailed to the student automatically on completion) or you may ask them to share it with you during guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: "How can students show that they are engaging in Prep for HE?" 

There are a series of reflective exercises asking students to 'look back and look ahead'. These can be found at the conclusion of each Prep for HE module. It is worth reminding students that we expect the quality of their responses to develop through the year, as they develop their academic, learning, personal and social competencies. One- or two-word responses requiring little or no thought are not acceptable. 

1. Email evidence.
If students use the reflection tool, their evidence will be emailed to them. They can then discuss this with you. SWAP will keep a backup of this evidence. 
2. Paper. Students may opt to complete the exercises by hand and keep them in a binder which can be used at the end of the year to evidence completion. 

3. Multimedia. Students will be encouraged to use video / podcasts / group exercises to evidence their development
There is no single 'right' way to complete Prep for HE. Provided all of the content is covered, any of the above methods would be acceptable, so feel free to choose the one that is most suitable for you and your students. 

QUESTION: "My college already has its own version of Prep for HE (or parts of it). Are we required to use the SWAP version?"

We are aware that colleges will have materials and resources that are already in use and that are successful. Where there is duplication (e.g. interview skills), students should be advised to attend the college sessions and complete materials provided by the college. The SWAP Prep for HE materials may be used to enhance or add value to this work, but are not intended to replace existing methods and materials. 

QUESTION: "Where can I find the latest version of Prep for HE?" 

Beginning in 2020/21, the most up-to-date version of Prep for HE is available from the SWAPWest Moodle. 


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