IO5 - Best Practice Guide

The FETI Intellectual Output 5 'Best Practice Guide' aims to outline and validate the findings of our project and to highlight the guidelines, ethics or ideas that represent the most efficient or prudent course of action in working with immigrants and refugees.

The Best Practice Guide includes the provision of templates of tools, charts, the short course for practitioners with Prezi and podcasts. The final product of IO5 will highlight the results and the creation of the FETI model, in order to link together all the previous outputs to trace a common course of action in the field of guidance. It is of fundamental use to all partners but also to the many stakeholders who work with the migrant and refugee populations in Europe, and who are interested in discovering a new approach/methodology in the early stages of the inclusion process.

The final IO5 report has been drafted by ENGIM and was adopted by the project consortium following discussions at virtual meetings and the transnational meeting held in Turin in April 2022.

FETI:Best Practice Guide IO5 Final Report.pdf
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