Tutor updates

Our SWAP tutors are our very own SWAP superheroes. 

They provide the support between the partnership and our students. They are a great team and work hard to ensure SWAP is a successful programme.

They are our first point of contact and all of our communication will go through them.

We will expect you to keep in contact with them and let them know how you are progressing with your work. They will know your individual circumstances and are able to inform SWAP of that. Wherever possible, make sure that communication re: your SWAP course flows through your class tutor in the first instance. 

SWAP will be in touch with our tutors weekly and I will post the communications with our tutors here.

SWAP tutor update 11th May

SWAP tutor update 3rd May

SWAP tutor update 17th April

SWAP tutor update 3rd April

SWAP tutor update 27th March

SWAP tutor update 20th March

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