In the last 5 years, over 3,000 adults have used the SWAP route to gain a place on a Nursing degree at university. Here, current access students at Dundee & Angus College tell SWAP how their learning journey has been so far.

As they near the end of their course, they have spent some time reflecting on their year. And they have all said that the toughest part of studying is balancing home life and college, but that by having childcare organised, and support from the staff team, they have worked through this. The subjects offered on an Access to Nursing course have been enjoyed and prepared the students for progression to HNC and university. Some students have found returning to study after a long period of time difficult, as they doubted themselves and found “nerves the most challenging part of coming to college”. They have had to get used to being back in education, but despite the difficulties that can exist in coming to college, they have grown in confidence and are ready and prepared for progression to Nursing. One student even stated that the course ‘has changed my life’ and she has found a strength in herself that she didn’t know existed and is excited to progress to the next stage in her journey.

When asked what suggestions the students could make for anyone considering applying to an Access to Nursing course, the resounding response was DO IT! Take the risk and you will not regret it. The students say to anyone considering this route, you need to be aware that it is not always easy, but by being organised, planning your studies, and taking on board all the help that is available from the staff, you can succeed and change your future. In the process, you will make new friends who will continue into nursing with you, learn new things, and increase your confidence when you reach your goals. 
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