Every year, our university partners offer SWAP students an opportunity to visit campuses in person, speak to support staff, and hear from former SWAP students who have moved on to study at those universities. This year, SWAP West’s were fully on campus for all events for the first time since before the pandemic. A total of eight events across five universities attracted around 350 students to attend, with programmes offering a variety of experiences, such as study skills workshops, mini-lectures, and detailed explanations of degree course structures. Many students took advantage of campus tours that were on offer, and Access to Nursing students were delighted to visit skills labs and hospital room simulations, where they hope to practise their own skills sometime in the very near future. 

In the east, an on-campus study skills event for science students at King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh. The event was very well attended and, similarly to the west days, included sessions to help prepare the student for university as well as a Q+A with former SWAP students now at university. In addition, and in order to be inclusive to our online programme students (who come from all corners of Scotland), as well as for those who are attending colleges in the north and south of Scotland, the SWAP East university partners remotely delivered study skills & Q & A sessions for our nursing, humanities and social sciences students as well as online Q & As for our Science and Medic students. 

Many thanks to our university partners for extending such a warm welcome to SWAP students and to our former SWAP students for their involvement in the Q&As.
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