The University of St Andrews is proud to have partnered with SWAP for many years, providing opportunities for adult returners to take advantage of everything St Andrews has to offer through our FE-HE Pathway programme.
Learning, however, is not a one-way street.  The most engaging and vibrant classroom experience is one where there is a diverse range of students from differing educational, social and cultural backgrounds, this is where our SWAP students add tremendous value to academic staff and fellow students alike.
With such a variety of experience and backgrounds students who have progressed from a SWAP programme have so much to share that can challenge opinions and spark debate; who better to discuss trade unions and the miners strikes in a history classroom, than someone who in a previous career was a union spokesperson in the 1980’s, or to bring a real-world application of child development theories to a psychology tutorial than a parent of young children. SWAP students can really spark conversations in whole new directions, which everyone can learn from.
Add to that the incredible motivation and interest in learning that they bring, and you have the ideal student for somewhere like St Andrews.
The FE-HE programme we offer provides support for the practical things that adult returners have to navigate as they make the transition into university and helps to ensure that they make the best start possible and go on to thrive in our university. SWAP graduates of St Andrews have gone on to do amazing things, many go on into teaching, some taking opportunities to teach abroad, into graduate level study or on to their longer-term career goals. We are immensely proud of each and every one of them.
“I love working with the SWAP Students, I challenge anyone to find a more motivated and committed group of students, who have so much to offer us as an institution. They take every opportunity that St Andrews has to offer and grab it with both hands.  Being able to be a small part of their journey and watching them grow in confidence over their time at St Andrews is a such a privilege”.
Joanna Fry, Access Manager
As an adviser for students on our supported pathway programmes, I'm always impressed by how well prepared our SWAP students are for the transition to university study. They arrive with a realistic understanding of the importance of independent study and time management, and they already possess the all-important 'soft' skills like knowing when to ask for help. Academically, SWAP students perform very well and they are a pleasure to have in class.”
Dr Stephen Tyre, School of History and Advisor of Studies for FE-HE Pathway students
“I loved studying Geography at St Andrews, everyone was so friendly and supportive. I had so many opportunities to take part in all aspects of university life.  While doing my SWAP course I wanted to apply for a Teaching degree, however studying Geography at St Andrews, then going on to do my teaching qualification gave me the chance to explore other subjects and have a brilliant student experience.  I am a Geography teacher at a High school in Dundee now, a job that I absolutely love.”
Audrey Field, St Andrews graduate & Access to Arts & Social Sciences SWAP student, D & A College 16/17. Audrey is pictured left with other former SWAP students who have graduated from St Andrews.
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