Managing full-time study as a single parent
Twenty eight per cent of our SWAP students are single parents. Going back into full-time education as a single parent can be a daunting thought for them.  

Below, Rachael Carswell - a single Mum, with 4 kids, attending Inverness College on an Access to Nursing programme, shares some of her insights and experiences:  

 <rachael_carswell.jpg> ‘’Before starting college, I was given my timetable which helped me find solutions to my childcare worries; breakfast and afterschool clubs and allowed plenty time to plan ahead. There are days when my children are sick and I can’t make it into class, but that day’s work is available online and my lecturers are great at helping me catch up. Routine has been the key to finding the time to study while also meeting my children’s needs. I am now nearing the end of my SWAP access course; at times it can be hard, but the transferable skills from parenting, such as time management and organisation, have helped overcome any challenges I have faced as a student. The support I receive from lecturers and my college is fantastic, they understand you have responsibilities outside college life and help in any way they can. I love being a student; my confidence has grown so much. I am making new friends and feel I am pushing out of my comfort zone which can only help me achieve my own goals. My advice as a single parent who is currently at college is to take the leap, apply and chase your dreams.’’  
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