Coronavirus updates

Update 11 September

Dear students and tutors
, welcome to our new academic term. I know some of you have now started your classes and some are yet to start. You are all very welcome. 

At SWAP we are committed to working with you this year. You will see from this section the work our college and university partners put in to ensure our students progressed last year. They are highly committed to do the same again. Following on from what we learned last year, we will continue the same core working principles.

1) appreciating we are still working through a pandemic and that this will have consequences for our learners.

2) finding solutions for students in terms of completion and progression. We know a little bit more now in terms of what works well, and that evidence will support our work this year. Pretty clear our students are a resilient, hardworking bunch who manage challenges.

3) in finding solutions we will work with as much flexibility as we can. 

For students, the main way we will communicate with you is through your college tutors. However, if you do have questions, then please don't hesitate to email or phone the office. In the meantime we will regularly update tutors and the student network page on developments.

If you do not already belong, 
please join the SWAP Student Network group.

Really looking forward to working with you this year.

Kenny Anderson

Update 30 June

Students are reminded to keep up with the transition support that is being made available from university partners. Links to resources can be found here:

Update 19th June

The briefing this week looks at what happens during the summer. How we process your results and send these over to our University partners.

We will be continuing to support our students who still require to provide evidence for their progression. Also happy to chat and give guidance to students who may want to conisder other options. 

In order for us to fully focus on that work this will be the final formal weekly update for a few weeks. We will though keep updating you with information from university partners.

John has also provided a few final tips, reflecting back on how own transtion. Thanks John for all your help.

Update 12th June

Just a reminder that the SWAP office will be open during the summer. We are hear to provide that wee bit of extra support and to answer any questions you might have. The briefing this week looks at that in a bit more detail.

We also highlight our university transition materials.

John has highlighted feedback. And on that topic we warmly welcome your own feedback.


Update 5th June

We have been looking at completion and progression again this week. Highlighting the student profile and reminding you of the changes we have made to the profile this year.

John has also provided useful tips on reflection this week, providing a worked example of when he was on the programme.

Update 29th May

Hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy the lovely weather and seeing family. Check out our refreshed John's top tips section.

Highlighting the STAY project this week and your preparation for higher education.

Thanks for the really useful reflections on how COVID has affected your learning. Be really happy to hear more.

Update 22nd May

The update this week, looks forward. Thinking ahead about your progression decisions. Ensuring you have everyhting you need, now that studying will be different when you progress in September. You have managed a significant change in your studies and I am confident that you can continue to do that.

Johns tips looking at communication and mindfulness. Please have a look and give his suggestions a go.

Update 15th May

The update this week, reflects back on our key student messages. Looking at how far we have all come over the weeks and months. 
One of our former students Becky appeared on BBC news on Tuesday. International nursing day. See the clip here -

We are really proud of all of our students. Keep learning where you can and talking to your college tutor.

Keep going we are almost there.

Update 8th May
I asked Paula from the SWAP team to put together this weeks briefing. Thanks for that. It focuses on preparation for higher education. Re-enforcing the importance of prep for your success as a student as you progress with your studies. Paula has also given an insight into some of the enhancement activities we will provide students over the summer. Class of 2020 will be our best prepared SWAP students.

John's top tips have a different format this week. John has focused in on the circle of control technique he highlighted a couple of weeks ago. He has shown how it helped him.

We also sent out a tutor update on Monday. 

Please keep in touch with your college tutors.

Update 1st May
It was really good speaking to a number of you this week. I have amended the student update due to some of your questions. Promise you prep for he next week.

Just a special mention for our January start students. I have posted up a specific update for January start nursing. We know how tough it has been for all of you.

Thanks to all our tutors who are working through the guidelines and keeping the learning going for our students. I have updated the SWAP academic frameworks and the amendments for our student profiles. As always happy to talk through these changes.

Update 24th April

Thank you to everyone for their support and hard work returning to study this week. Has been good speaking to college tutors and our students. I have updated the student network updates and Johns top tips. We will be circulating a further tutor update on Monday.

Update 17th April

I have updated the student network and tutor updates. I hope everyone had a good holiday. I have though specifically thanks all those working as key workers during the easter period. Thank you. 

Just a reminder, on return to college that information about the programme will come from SWAP, either from your tutor or the weekly updates.

As always SWAP office is here to provide any clarification.

Update 10th April

I have updated the student network and John's easter holiday tips. The network brief is shorter, so you can all have a good break. I have though spent some time talking about the SWAP approach and how we intend to work over the next few weeks. I have also stressed that information on how the SWAP programme will be delivered will come through SWAP and our communications. I am always happy to be contacted by anyone who is unsure at all about any information they hear from other organisations. 

Have a good Easter break.


Update 3rd April

We have updated the tutor, student network and John's top tips sections.

Have a well deserved Easter break.

SWAP office will be open as normal over the holiday.

Take care.

Update 26th March

A statement on behalf of SWAPWest for SWAPWest students who are key workers or live in a household with a key worker.

SWAPWest statement for current students who are key workers

Dear students and tutors,

I have added a section to our SWAPWest website in order for us to communicate with you directly on how SWAP responds to the challenge of the coronavirus. This section of our website will include links to the information and updates we provide to all of our class tutors and the messages we will be putting up on our student network Facebook page.

The information is fully accessible to everyone -- students and tutors -- as we will require everyone to work together to ensure we meet the challenges ahead. 

The partnership want to re-assure students that we are working hard to ensure completion and progression. You will appreciate we may not have all the answers for you yet. Plans though are well in place. We will be able to provide maximum flexibility over the next period to ensure you succeed.

Please don't hesitate to email or phone the office if you do have any questions. In the meantime we will regularly update tutors and the student network page on developments.

If you do not already belong, please join the SWAP Student Network group.

Finally, I have asked one of our former students, John T., to put together weekly tips on working online and studying at home. John is now a mental health nurse, volunteering with Combat Stress UK. John will update tips weekly. Please circulate round your class and use what you find useful. Keep in touch and share with us what you are doing to get through the challenge of deailng with the coronavirus.

Most importantly, please take care of yourselves and your familes. We will work through this challenge.

Kenny Anderson
20th March
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