Academic frameworks and profiles

To ensure SWAPWest could meet our aim for students to complete and progress their studies. We have amended our programme academic frameworks. These allow colleges to work within the SQA guidelines for the assessment of College based NQ units. SWAP intends to provide support for colleges in making these decisions. Details of the framework changes in the 3 main programme areas are contained in the following documents:

SWAPWest humanities framework

SWAPWest nursing framework

SWAPWest science framework

To ensure students are not disadvantged by the COVID - 19 crisis and for our partners to take studets individual circumstances into account we have agreed to amend our SWAP student profiles. The profile amendments have been made to reassure students that all factors will be considered. They also provide a supportive guidance tool for students to ensure they can fairly reflect on their progression to HNC or degree. Our normal time constraints have been removed for students to work with SWAP on gaining evidence prior to degrees starting in the autumn.

SWAPWest humanities profile

SWAPWest nursing profile

SWAPWest science profile

These changes reflect the SWAP approach to dealing with the COVID - 19 crisis. Where we work through problems in partnership.

We are always more than happy to discuss the approach and any issues for students.

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