About SWAP

SWAP gives independent advice to adults about opportunities to access higher education. There are many adults who have the potential to succeed at university, but missed out first time round, for whatever reason. Our friendly staff can give advice if you want to access higher education but lack the necessary qualifications. To see a list of the programmes offered in your area, select the region of Scotland where you live: East West North Is this really for me? Many adults think that they can't get into university because they don't have the school qualifications necessary. You may feel that you are too old, or its just not for you. But just because no one in your family or no one from your street has gone to university, doesn't mean that you can't! What they don't realise is that they may have built up a range of skills from previous jobs, or from bringing up a family, and these may be the exact skills that universities are looking for; being able to communicate with others, or work in teams and solve problems, for example. A Scottish Wider Access Programme develops these skills and prepares you to succeed in higher education. I'm probably too old! You are never too old! Even if you have been at work (or out of work) for years, or lack formal qualifications, you can still get into Higher Education. You can always attend a SWAP programme running in your local college. These courses are designed specifically for adults and can lead to a wide range of university and college opportunities. 25,000 have done it! Since the launch of SWAP in 1988 more than 25,000 adults have taken the SWAP route to return to study. SWAP programmes, usually based in local colleges, are designed specifically for adults without the required entry qualifications for university. Dedicated staff are available at colleges to give guidance and support on your progress, and to give advice on taking the next step to higher education. There's probably a programme designed to get you to where you want to go. SWAP programmes have helped many adults realise their potential and given them the confidence to succeed in college or university. If they can do it, so can you!
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