Prep for HE

What is 'Prep for HE'? 

Universities recognise that it takes more than "book learning" to be a good student. Of course, you do need knowledge of your subject, but you also need to develop good study habits, a strong belief in yourself, and a sense of resilience, as well as strategies for self-motivation and identifying your own support needs.

The Prep for HE (Preparation for Higher Education a.k.a. PHE) unit is designed to help you with all of that. It is the bedrock of the SWAP programme, as it involves thinking about and working on the skills and qualities you will need to develop for success at the next level of study. It runs alongside your academic units, and is something you will work on throughout the year. 

Here's a summary of what Prep for HE is all about,
 from one of our former students, Katie Duffin, who went on to study Primary Teaching at the University of Glasgow: 
(NB: the other woman in this clip is Katie's mother, Miriam Duffin, who was one of the very first SWAP students to progress to Primary Teaching back in 1990-91.) 

What will Prep for HE do for me? 

The Prep for HE modules are designed to make you think about your strengths and weaknesses, to question your assumptions, and to find ways to improve your skills throughout your college career.

A unique aspect of this unit is that you can do most of the modules on your own, in your own time, rather than in class, which helps you to demonstrate your ability to drive your own learning (a key skill for university).

Your tutor may opt to lead group sessions on certain topics, but you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you have fully engaged with each module, and evidence of completion (through the regular submission of reflective diaries) will be required before you can progress to the next level. 

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