Statement re: strike action

Scottish Wider Access Programme
5 May 2017  

“SWAP is a partnership of colleges and universities. When issues effect either sector, SWAP will look to resolve issues with dialogue and discussion. We will work with our normal principles of partnership in a respectful, diplomatic manner. That dialogue takes time and in the present circumstances, strike action will have a different effect on different SWAP programmes. When we are faced with such complex issues I am sure that everyone involved in SWAP programmes will appreciate that we will communicate once we have the information required.  

“We have 1000 students studying with us and we cannot contact students directly at this stage, as each programme is affected differently. Our normal communication channels through our swap tutors will continue. In the future if we do require to contact students directly then we will do so, but responses will be proportionate.  

“In the meantime SWAP students at this stage of the programme should be ensuring they are developing their independent learning skills, be conscious that completing Prep for HE is an integral part of their programme and that the student profile is designed to ascertain how students are able to develop their resilience and coping strategies.”  

Kenny Anderson

Director SWAPWest    
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