When do I need support? 
Identify where support is needed
It's not a "failure" to need support -- everybody needs it! 

Where do I find support? 
Develop confidence in seeking support


Michele L. Sullian - Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness 


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Richard and Neil discuss 'support' at college: 
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Your college may have some information to offer on this topic.

Ayshire College
Glasgow Clyde College 
Glasgow Kelvin College
New College Lanarkshire 
South Lanarkshire College 
West College Scotland 

If you've read something interesting or listened to a podcast that made you think, grab some classmates and discuss what you've learned.

Your friends will bring unique personal experiences to bear, so it's worthwhile having a chat to think about the topic from different perspectives. 

Some prompts to get you started: 

1. What kind of support do you need? 

2. How do you feel about asking for help? 

If you've identified areas for future development within yourself, you may want to schedule a chat with your class tutor to discuss the way forward, or to get advice on how to develop your skills and understanding. 

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