Information for Incoming Students


Visit this page for information and advice on what to do before, during and after beging studying at GCU. 


GCU Student Mentors 

Get involved in mentoring at GCU! Mentoring is a great way for students to help other students. You may benefit from having a mentor, or you may wish to work as a mentor yourself. Either way, the experience will enrich your time at GCU, and they are always interested in recruiting SWAP students. 

Learner Support at GCU 

Former SWAP Students at GCU

Who goes to GCU (besides you?) Read on, and be inspired! The case studies linked below are from former SWAP students who are now studying at (or who have graduated from) GCU. 

John Templeton - GCU Mental Health Nursing (graduated 2019)

Jennifer Abalo - Business and Marketing - Graduated 2017

Dr. Lynne Watson - Optometry - PhD (2013) 

Chris Anderson - BSc Paramedic Science 

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