Pre-access programmes

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to consider recent full-time study (i.e. within the last three to five years) as pre-access. In such cases, you could be considered SWAP eligible; however, you would need to have been out of full-time education for at least three or five years prior to commencing the pre-access course. To be considered as pre-access, courses must not be higher than SCQF level 5. 

January-start pre-access courses
SWAP partner colleges run full-time courses from January to June, which help prepare students for the SWAP access to higher education programmes starting in August/September. These pre-access courses are designed to give students the opportunity to build up their study skills and learn about a range of interesting subjects. Returning to full-time education can be daunting and these courses are designed to help you make the transition back into learning. 

One example of a January-start pre-access course that would not affect your SWAP eligbility is the
Arts and Social Sciences - Preparation for Further Education course at Newbattle Abbey College.

For more options, look at
your local college's website or get in touch with us to discuss.


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