Preparation for higher education

Every SWAP East access programme includes at least one unit of personal development which is aimed at supporting the development of skills and self-knowledge you might find helpful for higher level study. This is a compulsory part of the core skills section of your programme. 

The way in which Prep for HE is delivered varies between colleges and programmes. You might be using SQA materials, college based materials, the SWAP materials below, or a combination of any of these. Your tutor will explain which personal development materials you should use.
The preparation for higher education materials below are available for the use of all SWAP East students.  The introductury document includes a timetable suggesting when you might find it helpful to refer to each of the various sections.  Please contact us if you have any problems downloading the documents.
Document What it covers
A Introduction What is covered, what to do and when to do it.
B Taking stock (1) Initial reflections.
C Study diary Keeping track of your studies.
D Taking stock (2) Reflecting on your progress.
E Interview skills Preparing for university interviews.
F Presentation skills Preparing for giving presentations.
G Study skills (for humanities and nursing) Hints and tips for humanities/social sciences and nursing students.
G Study skills (for science) Hints and tips for science students.
H Finance Guidance on applying for funding at university.
I Taking stock (3) Reflecting on your year.
J What happens next? Some post-access guidance and information. 

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