Coronavirus updates

Update 3rd April

We have updated the tutor, student network and John's top tips sections.

Have a well deserved Easter break.

SWAP office will be open as normal over the holiday.

Take care.

Update 26th March

A statement on behalf of SWAPWest for SWAPWest students who are key workers or live in a household with a key worker.

SWAPWest statement for current students who are key workers

Dear students and tutors,

I have added a section to our SWAPWest website in order for us to communicate with you directly on how SWAP responds to the challenge of the coronavirus. This section of our website will include links to the information and updates we provide to all of our class tutors and the messages we will be putting up on our student network Facebook page.

The information is fully accessible to everyone -- students and tutors -- as we will require everyone to work together to ensure we meet the challenges ahead. 

The partnership want to re-assure students that we are working hard to ensure completion and progression. You will appreciate we may not have all the answers for you yet. Plans though are well in place. We will be able to provide maximum flexibility over the next period to ensure you succeed.

Please don't hesitate to email or phone the office if you do have any questions. In the meantime we will regularly update tutors and the student network page on developments.

If you do not already belong, please join the SWAP Student Network group.

Finally, I have asked one of our former students, John T., to put together weekly tips on working online and studying at home. John is now a mental health nurse, volunteering with Combat Stress UK. John will update tips weekly. Please circulate round your class and use what you find useful. Keep in touch and share with us what you are doing to get through the challenge of deailng with the coronavirus.

Most importantly, please take care of yourselves and your familes. We will work through this challenge.

Kenny Anderson
20th March
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