Your experience is valuable. Share it!

Although much of the content in the 'Prep for HE' unit was produced by educational institutions, professional bodies or commercial enterprises, some of it came straight from former SWAP students themselves, based on their own experiences. 

If you have an idea for Prep for HE that you would like to contribute (on any topic or theme) get in touch with SWAPWest and let us know about it.

We would be happy to help you develop an additional resource to share with future students, or you can just send us what you think would be most useful. Some examples: 

- Write a letter 
- Draw a picture 
- Record audio
- Record video 

If you're thinking of recording an audio track or video on your phone, you can do that on your own or with classmates. Capturing a conversation with your classmates on a particular topic is a great way to share your ideas and what you've learned, and get others thinking about how they're handling the issues. 

Some topics you might consider:

- How you felt when you first started college; your worries or concerns
- Dealing with fears of group discussions or public speaking 
- Confronting and challenging your own doubts 
- The challenges of being a parent whilst studying at college
- How you've coped with juggling finances 
- Identifying when you need support 
- Strategies for reading and writing in academic style 
- What you think of referencing.... 

Or any other topic you can think of! If you've encountered issues as a students, you can be sure that others have, too, and they could benefit from your experience. 

If you have ideas that you want to discuss with SWAP first, get in touch with Amy Angus to arrange a chat. 

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