Finding a balance

We've all heard it said that balance is the key to happiness, but we also know it's much easier said than done. Getting the balance right is one of the most important elements for success as a student, however, so it's good to consider it right from the start. 

So, what do you have to balance alongside your studies? The answer will be different for everyone, but whatever your circumstances, you will need to fit something new into the picture when you begin studying at college, and again when you move on to Higher Education.  

It is critically important to pay attention to your health as you enter into this new phase of life. Maintaining good physical and mental health is always wise, of course, but it becomes crucial when you add full-time studying to the mix, considering the demands that will be made on your time. 

For this module, we want you to consider your current work-life-study balance, evaluate how well things are working for you so far, and make plans to take any necessary steps to improve in this area. 

Some suggested resources can be found below. As with all Prep for HE modules, we invite you to engage with as much information as you feel is interesting and useful. You may also find your own sources and/or your college tutor may have additional materials to offer on this theme. The point is to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in this area, in whatever manner you and your tutor think best. 

When you feel ready to reflect on your learning, you can use the link on the left of this page to complete a study diary entry. 


Download and read: Why do we procrastinate?  - University of Bristol 

Web link: Time Management - University of Sheffield 


Procrastination - The Musical 



You can click the links below to stream or download audio files to your own device to listen to later. For more information, visit our podcast info page

 <andrea.jpg> 'Preparing to Study' by Andrea H. (Humanities 2019-20) 
   Listen to the audio      Download the transcript


Download any of the attached worksheets that you find useful. 

ABC-123 Prioritisation and Planning Tool 
This simple tool will help you identify all of your tasks for the week ahead, prioritise them according to importance and urgency, then make a plan for getting everything done. 

ABC-123 Planner (Instructions)       ABC-123 Planner (Blank)

Weekly Timetable 
Filling in this blank timetable with your current arrangements may help you see where your time is going, and where you may be able to shift things around a bit. Download and (if you like) print out a copy to create your ideal timetable. You may not always stick to it perfectly, but it may offer some structure to help you keep things in balance. 

Example of a completed timetable              Blank timetable to download 
(parent, working 15 hours pw)            

Your future university may have some information to offer on this topic.

GCU Guide on 'Time Management' 
University of Glasgow on dealing with academic stress 
University of Stirling - 10 Easy Ways to Relax 

If you've read something interesting or listened to a podcast that made you think, grab some classmates and discuss what you've learned.

Your friends will bring unique personal experiences to bear, so it's worthwhile having a chat to think about the topic from different perspectives. 

If you've identified areas for future development within yourself, you may want to schedule a chat with your class tutor to discuss the way forward, or to get advice on how to develop your skills and understanding. 

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