What is a podcast? 
Podcasts are simply audio files that you can listen to online or download to listen to later.

They may come from radio shows or interviews with experts, or be produced by educational institutions or other formal organisations --- but they could also be personal podcasts produced by SWAP students  -- perhaps conversations between classmates or solo recordings that make you think about the topic or theme. 

How to listen online: 
To listen online, simply click on the podcast link of your choice. 

How to download (using Google Chrome): 
Click on the podcast link of your choice, then look for three vertical dots on the right side of the player or another icon indicating a 'menu', which will allow you to choose 'download' as an option. 


Then, click on 'download' to copy the podcast to your own device. This will allow you to save the file to listen to later, wherever you like: in the car, at the gym, while out walking your dog - anywhere!  
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